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Entertainment 12 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

Monday 11 December, the relatives of Johnny Hallyday were present in Saint-Barthélémy for his burial. But, at the exit of the funeral home, one of the celebrities has been the victim of a bad fall. The emergency services have had to intervene.

If thousands of people were present in Paris on Saturday 9 December, in order to pay tribute to Johnny Hallyday, only a few dozens of relatives travelled to Saint-Barthelemy for his burial. Sylvie Vartan, his love of youth, had made it known that she would not be present, regretting that the singer be buried ” so far from those who loved him “. However, Laeticia Hallyday was well surrounded. She could count on the support of his family, but also on that of Hélène Darroze, his great friend.

Unfortunately, this last one has been the victim of a small ruggedt. According to the information from Closer, she has made a bad fall out of the funeral home, and had to be taken to the emergency room by the fire, in order to be healed. She had opened the front. This incident also delayed the departure of the procession towards the cemetery of Lorient. But this is not that injury that would prevent the head of phillips to be present to pay a last tribute to his friend. Bandage on the forehead, she joined the ceremony as quickly as possible, to support the partner of Johnny.

Now, the identity of the person who has delayed the procession at the funeral is known. On Tuesday 12 December, the site of 20 Minutes was announced that one of the celebrities present had a malaise before the departure of the coffin. Now, Hélène Darroze expects to continue to enjoy life, as it has stated on his account Instagram. It will always be present to Laeticia, Jade and Joy, is true to the last promise made to the rocker disappeared. He had, indeed, told : “I can go, because I know that you’ll always be there with my women. ”

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