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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


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For years, Laeticia Hallyday and her mother were cold. But between them, over the years, things have calmed down and now that Johnny Hallyday, Françoise Thibault is at the forefront to protect his daughter and his grand-daughters Jade and Joy.

What could be more salutary than the arms of a mom. In the small cemetery with flowers and so nice to Saint Barth, where Johnny Hallyday has chosen to rest, the sun was not warm enough to dry the tears of Laeticia. At the time of the grounding of his great love, realizing that this was the ultimate farewell, the true separation of the body, for all eternity, the young woman who had managed to retain her grief throughout the tribute popular collapsed. And, as a child, has sought the mother’s breast, the only one able often to comfort himself.

Forgotten quarrels of the past, the absences, the silences, Françoise Thibaut is not far from Laeticia for a few days. The mother with her daughter to help her find the courage. The grand-mother too, because Jade and Joy were more than her as ” grandma “. Saturday, December 9, at the church of the Madeleine, first in rank, Françoise Thibaut was surrounded by her former husband, André Boudou, the father of Laeticia, and Elyette, the mother of the latter. In moments like this, the key is to be there to protect his child. It is, in any case, the message sent to Laeticia.

Never far away from his daughter now. The watching still from the corner of the eye, just in case… And when Laeticia Hallyday background into tears in front of the coffin immaculate, from her husband down to earth, it is Françoise who rushes to greet the one who suddenly returns to her fragile baby.

With my mother, it took us time to understand us, especially in the period of my life where I détruisais (the young woman has suffered a time of anorexia, editor’s note) said one day Laeticia Hallyday in the columns of Paris Match. But she got pregnant shortly before my wedding with Johnny. The birth of my sister Margot has eased our relationship. “From now on, Françoise Thibaut will not let it go the hand of his daughter, nor that of Jade and Joy, his only granddaughters to this day, in which she sends a thousand, and a small message on his account Instagram. Sign : “Manou “

Happy birthday my sunshine jadou my beauty my little angel 😇 Already 13 that you illuminate our lives with joy happiness I love you very much your manou @jadehallyday 🎂💙🌴💙👯💙☀️💙⭐️💙🎉💙

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Happy birthday my beautiful princess joy ! My little angel 😇 already 9 years your manou sweetheart @lhallyday @jhallyday @jadehallyday #joy 💕🎂💕🎂💕🎂💕🎂💕🎂💕🎂💕🎂💕🎂💕🎂💕

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