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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


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Forty-night hours after the funeral of Johnny Hallyday in St Barth, and while many of you are wondering about the relationship between Laeticia and seniors in Johnny David and Laura, we know more about what is played between the two families of the Taulier.

Monday, December 11, Johnny Hallyday has been buried at the marine cemetery of Lorient in St Barts, a place that he had chosen himself. And if Laeticia has respected the last wishes of her husband, who had planned all the details, this has not stopped some, such as Michel Polnareff , or Sylvie Vartan has reservations about this choice. Even in this day of mourning, emotion, popular, sacred union, the family Hallyday has not been able to escape the controversy. According to Closer, they would have Davdi and Laura would have “refused to come to the church in the procession imagined by Laeticia”. The information that David and Laura are the children of the Taulier have not traveled with Laeticia, Jade and Joy, and a few friends, but by “their own means “, according to BFM TV raised also some questions about the relationships within the clan Hallyday.

On December 10, the Madeleine, there had been Laeticia, Laura, David a very emotional time, united in the pain of the loss of a loved one. During the burial of the rocker in St Barth, we could also see Laeticia crack in the arms of David, a David clan leader of a blended family in grief. In the Face of these images, we said that they had managed to exceed the small conflicts and misunderstandings inherent in so many families. The family Hallyday, is it not, after all, a family like any other ?

Laura and David Hallyday apart ?

According to our colleagues from Closer, if there’s been tension between Laeticia and elders of Johnny, since then they have calmed down. The origin of these tensions : a misunderstanding. David and Laura blaming their mother-in-law have prevented him from seeing their father on his return to his home in Marnes-La-Coquette, after his hospitalization in November. In one of his last numbers, Closer made that Johnny had hidden from Laura and Nathalie Baye, as very weak, having lost 15 pounds, he did not want to be seen in this state, in particular to protect Laura. A decision that worried about Laeticia… rightly so, she feared that the relatives of Johnny criticize him for this choice.

In front of the coffin at the funeral home, Laeticia would have then explained to the children of her husband that it was not his intention of removing them from the Savannah, but Johnny, to protect them. Johnny did not like that we see it decreased, and it is this that confirms his former producer and friend, always, Jean-Claude Camus.

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