Future Awards 2017: Eleanor Sarrazin (more beautiful life) named in the category Coming Soon

Cinema 10 November, 2016

The actress more beautiful life is to follow very closely! Eleanor Sarrazin is now named in the category Coming Soon to melty Future Awards 2017 … At your votes!

mfa-melty-future-awards-2017-coming-soonThe melty Future Awards 2017 is coming soon and votes are now open ! On 6 February at the Grand Rex , the ceremony that rewards the talent of tomorrow comes and it is for you to choose the winners. Yes, during this exceptional evening, your favorite stars walk the Golden carpet and the luckiest of them will walk away with a well earned MFA! Today, the category Coming Soon is honored. Eleanor Sarrazin, the actress starred in the hit series Plus belle la vie , faces Kurzawa, Panayotis Pasco Adele Castillo and Nemo Schieffman. So who will succeed Sulivan GWED and LEJ group? The battle looks tight!

In less than a year, the beautiful Eleanor Sarrazin has cracked the entire neighborhood of Mistral … and we! Our finger tells us that she is not ready to stop. In more beautiful life , the actress 22 years his face ready to Sabrina, a waitress with a strong character, which quickly became the new darling of the public of France 3. In melty, assiduously we follow his misadventures in the roommate of PBLV and are without evil, fall under his devastating charm. Besides, we had the great chance to meet a few months ago during an exclusive interview any of the small band of more beautiful life . No doubt, the young natural and bubbly woman is likely to be talked about for a long time. So she deserves the price of Coming Soon? You decide !

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