Gad and Noe Elmaleh: Relaxation before Saturday Night Live

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

A few hours now to host the premiere of Saturday Night Live, Gad Elmaleh was visited his old friend Jamel Debbouze. The opportunity also to show his fans on social networks that before returning to promote his show in the United States, the 45-year-old comedian hopes to enjoy every second with his son Noah.
All actors in the French media landscape know, you could not dream better person to lead the French version of Saturday Night Live . The function of imposing know skillfully playing the program codes of the Atlantic known as the appointment parody of the culture.
And who better than Gad Elmaleh to incarnate this in France, with great blows of madness and glamorous touches skillfully injected. Humorist 45 who for over a year has set the goal of laughter in the language of Shakespeare by presenting his show Oh my Gad! In various American metropolises.
But if Gad Elmaleh plays for M6, distributor of the program, the right man , there is none months as tension rises gradually to less than forty-eight hours now knew the first show, broadcast live this Thursday, January 5 From the Elysée Montmartre.
So what could be more friendly, to relax in the middle of the precision engineering that is being currently underway on the side of the theater that the visit of the ” older brother ” Jamel Debbouze as evidenced by the cliche that just posted on his Instagram account the unforgettable interpreter of Choucho u .
Hours earlier, the two men were already set as proved another photo where this-time around the two stars of humor made in France around Noah, the eldest son of Gad Elmaleh , aged 16, the fruit of his love With the actress Anne Brochet. ” Go my son just say hello to Uncle Jamel. #lafamille “then commented the former companion of Charlotte Casiraghi.
A portrait of ” family “, as history to enjoy his family before returning to the conquest of America. Because after the premiere of Saturday Night Live , the comedian must indeed return to Carnegie Hall in New York to pursue his American performances.