Gad Elmaleh: all women in his life

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

With his piercing blue eyes and his generous smile, the humorist of Moroccan origin seduced women all more sublime than the others.
Gad Elmaleh, 45, still slips into the skin of seductive and awkward seductive characters in his sketches. But would it be so sensitive and romantic in real life?
Early in his career in France, he saw short romance with Marie Gillain , Marie Fugain and cellist Sabine Largarde. In 1998, he met then that which will become, in 2000, the mother of his son Noé: the actress Anne Brochet. Unfortunately, two years after this happy event, the couple, who can no longer reconcile private and professional life, separates.
Later, after turning in iconic films such as The Truth if I lie, Chouchou and The 11 Commandments, Gad Elmaleh is upset by the grace of Aurélie Dupont. A talented and ambitious dancer whom he wants at all costs to approach. There follows a long period during which he struggles to get his phone number. They are accomplices for a while but leave in 2006.
In 2008, Gad Elmaleh noticed a charming blonde. This is the actress Nora Arnezeder and then, shortly after, he shuddered to the niece of Michel Drucker , the journalist Marie Drucker . Happy, proud, he presents his companion for photographers during the premiere of the film The Raid on the Champs Elysees. The story unfortunately cut short but the Gad finds happiness with Charlotte Casiraghi met in 2011. In 2013, the man is sure of his feelings and reveals her relationship to the general public during the traditional Monegasque rally : the ball of the Rose. In that year, Gad Elmaleh becomes dad for the second time: Charlotte gave birth to a little Raphael . They separate in 2015.
Finally, in 2016, the press learns that the humorist frequents a mannequin of scale. It appears the arm of Elisa Meliani, muse of the Aubade brand , known for its slender silhouette and nude photos.