Gad Elmaleh is elected, “I would have been disappointed not to be”

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

He will adapt the cult American show in France: Saturday Night Live.
gad-elmaleh-a-la-premiere-de-crisisFor Gad Elmaleh , all is not only possible with his friend Kev Adams , his partner in comedy show makes a cardboard . The star is working to adapt in France of the US television show, the Saturday Night Live . A show that will air on M6. It tells more Parisien .
“J e’m really flattered to have been selected I would even have been disappointed not to be, not because I think the only one that is doing that -.! Jamel Debbouze or Florence Foresti would be perfect for the following numbers – but because I am perfectly in line with that show. I love this show, halfway between the stand-up and the movie , “said Gad Elmaleh in Paris . It is true that the North American culture has no secret for the artist who studied in Canada long and recently assured of shows in the United States with the highlight being a performance at the legendary Carnegie Hall ! Guests are sure on its plate: ” The actors and sportsmen are the easiest to convince (…) The comedians themselves, they want more details on what they are asked to do exactly.. ”
The Saturday Night Live made in France will bounce on the political agenda, with the approach of presidential elections. Gad is also that television is better suited to the political skits that show where political valves are quickly dated. It also distinguishes this work of animation of Caesar where there is an imposed structure and a room ” which was not at all like laughing, especially in the late evening when four-fifths of the room lost ” .. .
It is in 2017 that the M6 will unveil its French version of Saturday Night Live with four numbers initially. The show will be three authors, including two former Puppets.