Game of Thrones : according to Emilia Clarke, HBO filmerait several purposes, to avoid leakage

Cinema 18 May, 2018






Apparently, nobody in the seven kingdoms will be able to guess that it will be the true ending of Game of Thrones. The trust exists.

And if for once, even the King of the Night and the Crow with three eyes and were aware of nothing ? In any case, it is the promise of the show runners of the series. And what also seems to confirm the queen of Dragons, Emilia Clarke. According to his words, HBO would be in the process of turning several purposes to the ultimate final sequence of the series. Of what to put in the blur of all the cast .


It is not the same time as Peyredragon


In full promotion for Solo : A Star Wars Story, Emilia Clarke was recently interviewed on a podcast of the Hollywood Reporter in which she reveals that she knows absolutely nothing. Including its ascent to the Iron Throne. ” I swear, I’m serious ! “ she said.

“I think they are filming a bunch of things and what they do tell us not. While the world remains very evasive on the question. There are many different purposes as possible. I think we do them all and that we are not told what will really happen.”

This is not really the first time that a studio decides to shoot a number of purposes. Remember, at the time of The Walking Dead, the director had decided to film the death of each character in order to avoid any spoils on the internet. At the time of the lower spoiler, just referred to, makes the tour of the stratosphere, we can understand that the show runners are risk-averse.

For the moment, the filming of the season 8 is still ongoing. Emilia Clarke has expressed his feeling vis-à-vis his reading of the after scenario :

“It took me a few hours to get over it. It was the experience of reading as the most intense of my life.”


I guess I’ll just sit and wait until the final arrives


At the same time when we see figures of the saga, one can understand why HBO did his Gollum and guard below the elbow, his precious show. You say it quickly, Game of Thrones is on average 5.2 million viewers (a number that continues to grow day by day). More than 8 million illegal downloads. And 90 awards granted on 510 appointments. Including 12 Emmy Awards in 2015.

A budget of $ 10 million per episode. An average of 135, 7 deaths per season (it has the heavy hand of the grim reaper). 3 250 words-imagined in language Dothraki, the language of imagination created by the linguist David J. Peterson.

It is also a mountain of muscle with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. Gregor Clegane, aka the Mountain, has won the title of the guy the world’s strongest. With its 2.06 metres and 180 kg of concrete in the body, the type had to raise the bars 375 pounds, and towing a truck, move rocks and hanging anvils to win the medal. It is easy to understand why Oberyn has not fizzled out.




For the love of Westeros, he will still have to wait a little bit. Game of Thrones season 8 will be aired in 2019.