Game of Thrones: An actor in the series is death

Cinema 6 December, 2016

It’s a very sad news coming tonight! A Game of Thrones actor died.
Sad news! While that Alfie Allen tease on to Theon in season 7 of Game of Thrones and fans eagerly waiting to find their hero Westeros is the reality that has cast a pall over the filming of new episodes lighthouse HBO . Indeed, we regret to announce the death at the age of 93, the British actor Peter Vaughan , who played Master Aemon Targaryen, the blind scholar and mentor Jon Snow (present in 11 episodes all of Game of Thrones ). The information was released by her agent, Sally Long-Innes, who said: “We confirm that Peter Vaughan is sadly died at 10:30 this morning He died peacefully surrounded by his family.” . The actor, specializing in characters with strong characters, began his career in the 50s and became famous by playing many major roles whether in theater, radio, television and film.
It was at the age of 86 he started to play in Game of Thrones , which allowed him to become known to a younger audience. In this regard, he said: “I was very lucky to be part of” , adding “the only time I rested during my 77 years as an actor, that’s when I wanted. I’m lucky, lucky, lucky ” . There is no doubt that the production of Game of Thrones, the intrigues of the entire season 7 have leaked , feels fortunate to have had such a player in distribution, and it will offer a tribute by dedicating one of the upcoming episodes.