Game of Thrones : episode will mark the return of all the actors

Cinema 23 October, 2018






This will be the opportunity to see one last time the missing and the dead who have died during the series. At least, that is Sean Bean who says it.

Recently, it is the actress who lends her traits to Arya Stark, the young Maisie Williams, who was saying farewell to her character and the series. In a brief interview, the actress soon to the poster of the New Mutants, has been found to have completed to turn, noting in passing that the conclusion of her story was “perfect”.

All that to say that Game of Thrones is approaching dangerously close to the end and you will finally be able to discover this last and ultimate season 8 in 2019. As well as this famous episode special.


I hope that you’ll be happy to see me again


If certain players need to take their language to the time before completing their contract, and end of turn, others who have experienced a lot less glorious-went to a few confidences. This is particularly the case of Sean Bean, who sadly camped in the role of Ned Stark in the first season before seeing an end… Radical.

Now out of the game, the protagonist of the Lord of the Rings has implied in an interview to the Hollywood Reporter that HBO had secretly filmed a special scene :

“Yes, for season eight, they have decided to bring together all the alumni for a special episode of the series, which was shot in Belfast.”


I’m so excited that I swallowed my food wrong


The most unusual in the story is that this episode “souvenir” is an idea presenter Conan O’brien :

“It is Conan O’brien who decided to make it. It was the very last episode, so we all met up. It was good ! It’s funny, but with work, we are not really in contact. We made so many jobs to the four corners of the world… It’s like when I see old friends or even old friends of the school of theatre… It is the same thing, we are back with our discussions as if they had occurred yesterday. “

It should be noted that Jason Momoa, soon to the poster ofAquaman had been noticed in the streets of Belfast at the time of the filming of Game of Thrones. For the time no further information has been given about this special episode. Is it that it will be a prequel, an episode non-canon ? Only the future will tell us. Answers next year when the broadcast of the season 8 of Game of Thrones .


“Good, er, well, thank you.”