Game of Thrones, Fear The Walking Dead: The Summer Series of the 2017 World Cup!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

The summer series are not yet in circulation for our 2017 World Cup but they still deserve your votes.
It’s not because they’re still on the air, or they’ve not been broadcast yet, that you can not vote for them in our 2017 World Cup! Yes, this year, we created for you a small group with 4 sets of the summer that we love just as much as the others and have their own category. Presentations.
Game of Thrones : Is it still necessary to present the saga broadcast on HBO which a new trailer of season 7 has just left? With its dragons, wars and political strategies, Game of Thrones quickly established itself in the hearts of the fans and remains a great favorite of the Series World Cup. On the 16th of July …
Fear The Walking Dead is in full swing and episode 5 of season 3 arrives on Sunday night on AMC. History not to put it aside, so it is part of the summer series that have their chances in the 2017 World Cup. After 2 seasons that took a little time to set up, Fear The Walking Dead seems slow but surely to find a rhythm that we liked very well in this beginning of season 3.
The Defenders will be on the Netflix on August 18th and tell you that you can not wait to see Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Luke Cage and Danny Rand on our screens. With 4 superheroes on the streets of New York, The Defenders has all the chances in the Summer Series World Cup and you can already show your enthusiasm by voting for it before you discover the 8 episodes!
Outlander will not return until September for his third season on Starz but that does not stop you from voting for her. After two seasons of travels in time and drama, the series continues to fascinate and teach us some historical facts with always a touch of romance . In short, enough to support her in the Series World Cup if you want to see her win! And you, what is your favorite summer series?