Game of Thrones: HBO develops 4 different spin-offs!

Cinema 5 May, 2017

Good news ! The Game of Thrones universe still has good days ahead as HBO is developing four spin-offs of the series.
You never have enough of Game of Thrones ? HBO, the American channel that broadcasts the series has heard your prayers and is currently developing not just one but indeed four spin-offs from its flagship series of the moment . As you all know, there are only two seasons left in the series of Benioff and Weiss and it is therefore expected that it will end next year with its eighth season. For the moment, these spin-offs are only in development phase and it is not known if they will all be validated by HBO and will then become true series. One thing is certain, the universe created by George RR Martin is quite large enough to allow all sorts of stories around the original, Elsewhere already asked if we would rather have a sequel or a prequel for Game of Thrones afterwards . However, HBO refuses to say more about the periods that could be explored after the end of the mother series. What we know is that the showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss do not wish to play an active role in the production of these spin-offs but will be attached to them as executive producers, as will George RR Martin.
While there are four spin-offs in development, this does not mean that we will necessarily have four new series on Westeros since some projects may not be ordered. Moreover, the channel also imagines all sorts of combinations, both in the chronology and the format chosen. Some may be developed in the form of mini-series, for example. The ultimate goal for HBO is, of course, to find a project strong enough to carry the franchise once Game of Thrones has come to an end in 2018 . There is no established timetable for the development of these spin-offs.