Game of Thrones: Production responds to criticism of casting diversity

Cinema 28 December, 2016

While Game of Thrones season 7 is still waiting, find out the casting director’s response to the criticisms of the diversity of the series.
It’s almost 2017 and it therefore means that there is more than a few months to wait before finding Jon, Daenerys and others and we wondered moreover there is little that all the characters in the series was really emerge victorious at the end of Game of Thrones . But today we are not going to talk about you, but about what has already happened. As some already know, the star of HBO series has been repeatedly criticized for the lack of diversity in its cast , despite the presence of Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) or Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei). Nina Gold, the casting director of Game of Thrones, addressed these criticisms in an interview with the South China Morning Post . First she wanted to remind fans that the series is based on books in which the character descriptions are very specific and precise.
One way of saying that if lack of diversity is, it is rather to George RR Martin that it should be criticized since he is the author of the books from which is drawn the series. Nina Gold also pointed out that the series still try to rectify the situation by casting different actors of the characters which they should look for the series to be more diverse and less controversial – for example by choosing Nathalie Emmanuel for Missandei which is supposed to be a little girl. “We are already changing for more diversity and we are perfectly aware that not including a different cast is stupid and would be a proof of lack of imagination. We all try to find actors who reflect reality and the real world is full of different people. We must all represent ” . It remains that some efforts are probably still possible even if many factors are to be taken into account in this complicated adaptation. Waiting to see what will happen in season 7, we collected for you the best and the worst of Game of Thrones this year. And you what do you think ?
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