Game of Thrones: Rather a prequel, a sequel or a spin-off for HBO?

Cinema 17 January, 2017

While Season 7 of Game of Thrones has not yet begun, news about a possible spin-off of the series continues to fall.
Following the adaptation of the saga of George RR Martin we continue to wait by always asking more questions and after we requested that Cersei or Daenerys would be the Mad Queen of Westeros in season 7 of Game of Thrones , It is again of a spin-off that we will speak to you. The TCA press tour took place this month of January and often allows us to have some news of our favorite series. Game of Thrones was no exception, as HBO programming president Casey Bloys was present and he had to answer a few questions. And since the last two seasons of Game of Thrones approaching, some took the opportunity to know if we will meet all the same stories the same universe on HBO or not . Still without being definitive, Casey Blois explained that the possibility was still being explored. “There was no script, it is not at all to say ‘Go here we go.’ ‘But it’s such a big world it would be stupid not to think about it” .
Yet the one who is in charge of the programming for the cable channel has some reluctance. “I will not do it just to do it. It’s got to be special. I would prefer to have nothing and leave the series as it is rather than have something shoddy” . A state of mind that one understands since it would be a pity to “spoil” the work adapted to the screen and the success that it represented for HBO. Finally Casey Blois explained that if another series based on Game of Thrones was born, it would be more of a prequel than a spin-off or sequel . “It’s less pressure. The history of Westeros George RR Martin is full of information that a writer can go for. But I have no pressure, I feel compelled to nothing” . To say that if prequel there is, it will undoubtedly decide in the years to come but for now it is well Game of Thrones that remains at the center of the attention. Pending the return of the series in a few months, we wondered why Game of Thrones had not been renewed for season 8. What do you think about Casey Blois?
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