Game of Thrones Season 7: A prequel in chat!

Cinema 15 November, 2016

While filming Season 7 Game of Thrones continues, a prequel series would be in discussion!

game-of-thrones-saison-6-episode-1-spoilersA new challenge! The US cable channel HBO has never ventured on the way prequel or spin-off for one of his hit series, but that may soon change! Currently, the season 7 of Game of Thrones, where all the intrigues of the upcoming episodes leaked , is shooting, but the end is near because it will end after its eighth season. Indeed, the desire to continue to entertain its more than 20 million fans and offer him a worthy successor his way . Indeed, the President of the programming of the channel, Casey Blois, confirmed that they were still in talks with author George RR Martin on ideas for a sequel to the franchise: “I would say we are still in a sort of preliminary discussion There are things that we are exploring, but I can not tell anyone. ‘this is what we will do ” . Recall that the famous writer had stated that there were thousands of years history of Westeros that can potentially be developed in a new series.
After this response that makes us think that a future series on the universe of Westeros his way, he was asked the president if he confirmed the number of 6 episodes last season, to which he replied: ” There will be as much as we can get ” . This means that the chain leaves full control of Game of Thrones to its showrunners . Finally, he was asked about the possibility that the last two episodes of the series to be aired in cinemas as a movie and the answer seems to indicate that this is not the case: “I want everything I can get for HBO’s” . A wise decision by us! Casey Bloys also enjoy his speaking to announce the renewal of Westworld, Divorce and Insecure for 2 seasons! Would like to discover a spin-off of Game of Thrones?