Game of Thrones Season 7: Alfie Allen tease on to Theon!

Cinema 3 December, 2016

Months before the release of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, Alfie Allen talks about what awaits Theon Greyjoy below.

game-of-thrones-saison-7-alfie-allen-theonThe wait continues until the return of Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and others on our small screens and after we asked if Sansa Stark would conflict with Daenerys Targaryen in season 7 of Game of Thrones is now Theon Greyjoy one is interested. His interpreter Alfie Allen has recently made a small detour through India Malta Con Fan of Puerto Rico and this allowed him to speak a little of his character and his state of mind in the future. When a fan asked how Theon was going to feel when he would find Jon and Sansa, Alfie Allen began by answering “You mean IF Theon finds Jon and Sansa. We must stop watching all the guys on the Internet. But most seriously, I think it really feel bad and he would see it as a chance for redemption ” . Having helped Sansa to escape, however, it is possible that Theon can again get into the good graces of Stark.
Moreover since Theon will be alongside Daenerys, it should be part also of the famous alliance is expected to see between Dany and Jon. Alfie Allen also tease result while remaining obviously very vague . “The seasons 7 and 8 are similar as before, only better. More torture! More dragons!” The opposite would have been surprising even if we hope that the torture will not be for Theon this time. Regarding the state of mind of his character that his stay at Ramsay has strongly marked, Alfie Allen explains that fear that Theon feels could gradually turn into anger later in Game of Thrones . The young Greyjoy will he change his mind and refuse to support his sister Yara in its fight against their Euron Greyoy uncle to regain control of the Iron Islands? Or anger she will just head for Euron? We’ll know more in a few months … Meanwhile far, Sophie Turner has already entrusted the threats that Sansa will face in season 7 of Game of Thrones. And you, how do you think Jon and Sansa react if they saw once Theon?