Game of Thrones Season 7: Bran Stark and Jon Snow will he help Daenerys to control his dragons?

Cinema 11 November, 2016

Before discovering the season 7 of Game of Thrones, small return on a theory concerning Daenerys Targaryen on for Jon Snow and Bran Stark.
Above all, beware of spoilers that leaked on next season because we will partly rely on us to speculate on the future of Bran, Jon and Dany. Indeed after we asked if we would soon discover Casterly Rock and Highgarden in season 7 of Game of Thrones, it is again the characters we are interested now, not least. The future of Bran Stark aroused our curiosity, especially because it could be related to that of Daenerys Targaryen. We already know many things through spoilers after having leaked and therefore we can already expect that Bran is soon return to Winterfell alongside its Sansa and Arya sisters. But will he stay there? Not so sure … Thanks to his powers of warg, Bran can not only take possession of other people’s bodies but can also control animals, and this offers an interesting way to link its history to that of Daenerys that precisely has trouble controlling his dragons.
Certainly Drogo rather obeyed her good and her three dragons have helped her in her quest to find boats and an army to get under way to Westeros. But we are not immune from further slippage and the young Stark could be the answer to this major problem. Also certain words that were spoken about him a while ago sow a little doubt as to the his fate . Crow with Three Eyes said to Bran after meeting him “You will never walk again aim will fly you / You never remarcheras but you steal” . The report with the crows and ability to embody the birds seemed to be the logical explanation but perhaps he is Bran another way to fly: to take possession of the mind of a dragon or better yet, the overlap. We do not know exactly how, but Bran could therefore join Daenerys and her dragons help control and we do not know about you, but the idea of seeing these two characters interact pleases us and we hope that this could happen after .
Bran is however not the only one with the capacity to help Daenerys to control his dragons. Indeed there is an object designed for that: the Dragonbinder / Tames dragon horn, qu’Euron Greyjoy has. The problem with this instrument is that blow into it kills the person using it as say the inscriptions it bears “No mortal will strike me survive there” . Could it when Jon Snow, more completely “mortal “100% human or after being resurrected by Melissandre arrives to seize to use it for its purposes? It is not impossible, especially since we know from the spoilers and many photos of the filming Jon and Daenerys will eventually meet. Already supposed to work, Jon could prove to be an even more valuable ally for Daenerys she had expected even if one wonders how it could end up in possession of the horn. In short, as usual these are only speculations based on some facts and pending whether some will be true, we wondered what would happen to Arya Stark in season 7 of Game of Thrones ! And you, What do you think ?