Game of Thrones season 7: Episode 1, a record audience for the return of the series!

Cinema 19 July, 2017

For his return, Game of Thrones has scored the scores! The Season Premiere of Season 7 is a new record in terms of audience …

Season 7 has been waiting! So inevitably, we were all on the go – and hyper motivated – to discover the Season Premiere of this new chapter of Game of Thrones in the night from Sunday to Monday. More years pass and the series becomes a real global phenomenon, followed by millions of people / hard core fans. For his return, the show HBO has done the taf with a Season Premiere introductive particularly well damn, which laid the bases of the next six episodes of season 7. Not surprisingly, fans were at the rendezvous for this return in brass band. .. For proof, a new record in terms of audience!

For the launch of his penultimate season, the successful series confirms his dominance and breaks the barrack again. More than 16 million viewers (10 million without recordings and streaming) ended up watching the Season Premiere, compared to 10 million last year (7 million without recordings and streaming). Yeah, we’re on an increase of almost 50% and the best score for an HBO series, despite the summer period when it’s usually harder to bring back the world … Not for Game of Thrones that explodes everything and s’ Imposes again. Let ‘s hope that the rest of the season is up to par as our hopes are very – very high. Beginning of Sunday night’s reply with episode 2 of the season 7 of Game of Thrones!