Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5 : Daenerys would walk on the footsteps of his father by the Mad King ?

Cinema 9 August, 2017






During this time, the Army of the Dead advance…

The last episode of Game of Thrones was rich. Rich in emotions with the reunion fraternal in Stark, between Jon and Theon, but also in the very last scene with Jamie and Tyrion, full of action with the final battle which showed us all the extent of the devastating power of the children of Khaleesi. The conclusion of this scene is chaotic and, paradoxically, managed end-to-end led to the uncertain fate of Jamie who was caught up in the funds of the lake, following its rescue in extremis by his faithful companion Bronn. In short, it feels signed up for the Lannister.


A field of ash


The excitement is palpable. And surely this is not the new extract that will calm our agitation.

To summarize, our beautiful dominatrix blonde doll tightens the bolts and the pacifist and liberating Khaleesi that we know of seems to leave room for a future despot in power. In the clear, as she says so herself “Join my ranks or die”. And this is also true for Jon Snow. One cannot be more explicit. A speech that is reminiscent of his illustrious grandfather The Mad King…


Jon Snow will bend finally the knee before the queen ?


A new stance that does not lack to bother his two faithful (for the moment) advisors Tyrion and Varys. Bran finally puts his powers of Crow with Three Eyes to explore and discover the extent of the army of Walkers White. An army that we are still waiting for arrival…




The Dead are walking


Jon Snow will tip-t-he front of the Queen of fire ? Jamie is he still alive ? What treatment Jon holds it to Theon ?

Answer next Monday !


Varys, Ser Devos, Jon Snow and Daenerys together to establish a plan ?