Game of Thrones Season 7: Finally a sex scene between two characters?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

A Game of Thrones flagship couple will finally unite in season 7! SPOILER SPOILER and will they have the right to a sex scene?

game-of-thrones-hbo-tyrion-missandei-verAttention, this article contains spoilers . Although these stolen photos reveal the new conquest of Lannister in Game of Thrones Season 7 , the rich are not always the best rewarded in the HBO series. And as proof, a flagship show couple may be eligible for their first sex scene in the next episode! You guess who it could be? Daenerys and Jon? Cersei and Littlfinger? Yara and Daenerys? No no, it’s a couple that deserves to be together and happy forever: Towards Missandei and Grey . This information is of course to be taken lightly, but the site Watchers on the Wall is confident that things will speed up between these two characters. A nasty scene should even be on the program! Recall, however, that Towards Grey is a castrated man, which means he can not use his machine … a priori!
Even if the machine is not working under, we feel that Towards Grey is tempted by Missandei for a while . Unfortunately, the specialized site does not reveal its source and we will have to wait a long time before we know whether this information is true. On the other side of the Atlantic, many Game of Thrones fans are very upset because the last episode of Westworld ! If you also look at other successful series of HBO, you’ve probably had a broken heart last Sunday … Indeed, it seems that the American chain is very interested doors (doors) and likes to rub salt in the wound … Let’s hope she does not reserve a fate torque slave … and you, would you like Missandei and Move Grey together?