Game of Thrones ‘ – Season 7 : the director explains the movements of the characters in the last episode

Cinema 25 August, 2017






The last episode of Game of Thrones has established itself as one of the most epic of the entire series. This has not prevented some audience members to complain.

Indeed, for some enthusiasts of the series, the pace at which move the characters has become problematic, a lot considering that the management of space and time in this episode is, at best, very slight, at worst, completely delusional.

More than a reproach of this particular segment of Game of Thrones, it is perhaps necessary to consider it as a ras-le-bol, or a gradual awareness. In fact, the displacements in GOT have always been more or less absurd, but above all fairly inconsistent, some of the characters putting an entire season to go a few miles (Daenerys, Walkers White, etc), when other are moving at the speed of light.


“I assure you guys, this is where it happens my Ûber”


With a season 7 reduced to only 7 episodes, the pace is logically accelerated and the show now has much more often use the ellipse. Good news for some, travel is now faster for all the protagonists, they allow the story to progress quickly. Nevertheless, other spectators have considered that their suspension of disbelief had taken a hit.

Therefore, the director Alan Taylor explained to Variety how had been designed in this chapter adventurous.

“We were aware that the tempo was a bit rushed. Gendry goes back on its not running, the crows fly over a certain distance, the dragons fly over a certain distance… In terms of emotional experience, and narrative, Jon and his companions spend a long dark night on this island. We have tried to work around this a little bit using the twilight lord who reigns beyond the Wall.


The dragon without seals, new mode of transportation the mode


I think that we made some efforts to fix the timeline not making account of the duration of each action. I think it worked on some people, and not others. They seemed very concerned by the movement speed of ravens.

There is what is called the implausibilities plausible, and it is this that we seek here to achieve, rather than improbable possibilities. So in effect I think we pulled on the rope a bit of credibility, but I hope that the great moments of the narrative sweep of these elements. “

And for once, the director of Thor 2 and Terminator : Genisys have down here a hell of a job, it would rather tend to the applaud of the two hands hoping to find it soon at the controls of the episodes as dramatic and intense, reminiscent of the films of John Milius (Conan the Barbarian).


Jorah Mormont, the prince undisputed of teleportation for 7 seasons