Game of Thrones season 7: The series strengthens security to avoid spoilers!

Cinema 12 May, 2017

A few weeks before the release of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, production is more determined than ever to avoid spoilers.
Now that the Game of Thrones spin-offs have finally been confirmed by HBO – and you’ve listed 3 things we’d really like to see – it’s the main series that’s being looked at again. We all remember the leaks of season 5 after which the first episodes had been on the internet before their official broadcast on HBO. The cable channel had taken several steps to prevent this from happening again, starting by not sending the episodes to the media to allow them to publish their criticisms barely episodes broadcast . Well believe it or not, this year security was further strengthened as explained Nathalie Emmanuel, aka Missandei, An interview with Fabulous Magazine . “The security is definitely more strict around who has the scripts and how we give them. We get them digitally . ”
And even if one could think that scripts are easier to hack on the Internet than in paper version, nothing is less certain … “They send us the scripts only if we respect a two-step security protocol for Sometimes we are given notes during rehearsals but we have to sign to get them and we have to give them back when we leave, and if we do not, people will run after us until Let us make them! ” Obviously this does not prevent all spoilers from leaking and Nathalie Emmanuel has already expressed his disappointment on his Twitter account. With a series of such a large scale, difficult not to arouse a sometimes obsessive interest in fans that can prove to be double edged … While waiting to know if other elements will leak before the 16th of July, we just wondered if the death of a character had not already been spoiled by the promo pictures of season 7 of Game of Thrones . What do you think ?