Game of Thrones Season 7: We’ll explain the new releases of the credits!

Cinema 21 July, 2017

Which says New Game of Thrones season says new generic, but have you spotted it all?

While yesterday we talked about a new controversy for Game of Thrones season 7, today is a more consensual topic that we will address: the credits of the series, also known as nice to watch. As always, this last one has been updated to follow the progress of the intrigues and we propose to you to go back on the few innovations that we saw in the first season.
Westeros and only Westeros

With the arrival of Daenerys at Dragonstone, the small trips to the mainland of Essos are over. Whereas previous seasons showed us Pentos, Vaes Dothrak, Qarth, Astapor, Yunkai, Meereen and Braavos, it is now on Westeros and only there that takes place all the intrigue and, by extension, all the generic.
Daenerys less important?

In previous seasons, the location of Daenerys Targaryen was shown last on many occasions, except when Dorne arrived in the credits or some other more strategic location, a way to emphasize its importance . This time, however, Dragonstone reappeared for the first time since season 4 and is in second place.
The arrival of Oldtown and the nod to the maesters

The town of Oldtown appeared in the credits in the last position, possibly because of its strategic role in the war against the White Walkers. But it is not his only peculiarity. Indeed the generic turns around the Astrolabe, this orb that flies over the map of Westeros to show us the strategic locations. In the center of the Astrolabe is the Westeros sun and on its branches are all the great battles in the history of Game of Thrones. And according to the directors of the credits, one must imagine that this last is realized by “a monk crazy somewhere in a tower”. Showing the Astrolabe right next to Oldtown Citadel – after having already seen it in the Citadel in the series – confirms this idea that our vision of Westeros in the credits is the work of maesters and that they ‘Could not resist the idea of ​​putting their design of the Astrolabe in miniature in their own model of the world. Since the map is supposed to show all the great monuments of Westeros, why not include the map itself …
In short, a little moment of inception pretty nice to see that gives us look forward to see if new cities will soon be included in the credits! While waiting to find out, we wondered whether a certain mysterious character could be Azor Ahai in season 7 of Game of Thrones.