Game of Thrones Season 7: What are Littlefinger’s plans for Arya and Sansa Stark?

Cinema 20 August, 2017

Season 7 of Game of Thrones continues and in Winterfell, Petyr Baelish continues to place his pawns …

The drama is everywhere and while we were wondering if a new drama was waiting for Cersei in season 7 of Game of Thrones , it is now Stark sisters that we are going to talk about. As we saw in episode 5, Littlefinger retains control over things and urged Arya to read a message from Sansa addressed to Robb Stark at the beginning of the series. The purpose of this maneuver was obviously to make Arya doubt of Sansa’s loyalty to the North and Winterfell . After criticizing his way of ruling, Arya is already reluctant to trust Sansa and this could get worse in the sequel. But what exactly are Littlefinger’s plans?

Soon a conflict?
Actor Aiden Gillen made some revelations during an interview with the New York Times . He started by pointing out that even if Littlefinger dips in a lot of evil plans, it is not completely bad. It is difficult to agree with him … He then explained that mounting Arya against Sansa is more a story of opportunity . “What he wants is to amass power, to trample a few people on the way. I do not think that provoking a Stark conflict is an end in itself, but it is a good opportunity Improve things for him ” .

Littlefinger continues to play his game of thrones
The conflict between Arya and Sansa means the possibility of a rapprochement between Sansa and Baelish … For although Sansa has for the moment seem indifferent to the various interventions of Littlefinger, it does not change the fact that he spends his time Glued to her sneakers to whisper in her ear that she must be wary of everyone and that she must trust no one. And if the Stark sisters can not trust each other, it could greatly weaken the already reduced forces of Winterfell and the North. Aiden Gillen does not know, in the long run, what the scriptwriters reserve for Baelish or his ultimate goal, but the power fascinates him and we know what he is capable of achieving. So we hope that Arya and Sansa will see clearly in his game … Until then, we wondered who was going to die in episode 6 of season 7 of Game of Thrones .