Game of Thrones: The Walking Dead, Westworld, Once Upon A Time, who can beat the big winner?

Cinema 19 June, 2017

The 2017 World Cup is launched! But what series could beat the last year’s grand prize winner? It is you who decide and the choice is difficult!
At melty, summer rhymes with Series World Cup and for this new edition, there is heavy, even very very heavy! The best series are in competition to win the title of the 2017 World Cup winner. If last year, Game of Thrones, whose new record will be in season 7 of the TV show , has risen On the first place of the podium, this year, the series will not be able to win the victory. It is classified in a special pool because season 7 has not yet been broadcast and it is therefore difficult to judge the quality of the show. But then, who can take the place of Game of Thrones? Viewing the series in competition this year, they all have their chance. Nothing is lost, Advance for any of the shows and they can all win as Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Arrow, Teen Wolf … They can all be the 2017 champion. For that, your favorite TV shows need you and your votes …
Last year, Game of Thrones ended up in the final against The Walking Dead . What duo will we have this year? Nothing is yet played. Will the series of zombies this time finish No. 1? The show continues to charm its fans and the audiences are always at the rendezvous. However, new series like Westworld, 13 Reasons Why or Stranger Things , which made a real cardboard at their exit, can put spasms in the other series. Just like Gray’s Anatomy, Once Upon A Time, Orange is the New Black or Vikings and Lucifer can also be formidable competitors. So who will take the place of Game of Thrones, whose ultimate season has been reduced , At the 2017 World Cup? It is you who decide and do not forget, you can vote every day for your favorite series HERE or on Facebook and Twitter. Have your votes meltynautes! What series do you want to see in the final?