Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Walking Dead: Characters who scored 2016

Cinema 28 December, 2016

As the year 2016 draws to a close, let’s take stock of the 10 characters that have marked it. From Game of Thrones to The Walking Dead, there’s plenty to do!
Attention, this article contains spoilers . At the time of taking stock of this year 2016 side series, impossible to override some programs. Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Walking Dead … But not that! Yes, 2016 has also brought its lot of new series absolutely unavoidable. Here, The Crown and This Is Us. The first is a Netflix producing some sex scenes were cut for installation and tells the first years of the reign of Elizabeth II. Historical figure, the queen is here incarnated by a Claire Foy absolutely genial. As a faithful wife and young sovereign a little overwhelmed by events, the actress is doing well. And history helping, Queen Elizabeth II is officially our new character (not so fictional that) favorite!
Opposite, This Is Us is full of endearing characters. This is the big problem of the series: we love them all. But just to retain only storyline in particular, it is obviously that of Randall that our choice is. And now we know why the Pearson Family This Is Us was shattered , we even love this black father adopted by a white couple. The first part of season 1 remains an excellent lesson in life! But Queen Elizabeth II and Randall are not the only people we’ve loved this year. There also had Lyanna Mormont of Game of Thrones . Aged only 10 years in season 6, the girl has completely robbed the star of some characters in the series from the beginning. Honest and strong, we can not wait to see what the screenwriters reserve for the sequel.
And because both series are often put in competition, difficult not to mention The Walking Dead . Strongly centered on the character of Negan , the first part of Season 7 has baffled many. Whether one appreciates or not the violence inherent in the character, one must recognize that his bat made him one of the emblematic characters of this year. Moreover, we found 5 things that make us kiffer in the big bad of The Walking Dead ! A bit like the Jeep Stiles in Teen Wolf . Absent for much of Season 6, the return of the character was highly anticipated. Real chance or anticipation of production, the storyline schoolboy allowed his interpreter, Dylan O’Brien , to recover from his serious accident on the set of Labyrinth 3 in March. Always so curious and crafty, Stiles is undoubtedly our favorite character from Teen Wolf.
And to keep the boys side, Barry Allen of The Flash offered a 2016 full of surprises. The superhero has chained up bad decisions and unmeasured risk-taking, creating unprecedented situations. Nevertheless, because he constantly tries to repair his mistakes, he is once again struggling to blame him. Let’s cross the fingers so that 2017 makes it wiser! In a completely different note, Westworld was one of the great television moments of 2016. And because we finally know if William is the man in black Westworld , it should be noted that the latter has left us speechless Throughout the 10 episodes that constitute the first season. Dangerous and mysterious, the character has long been presented as the big villain of the show. But is this really the case? The question deserved to be asked.
Side Unreal , we must admit that the season 2 was less successful than the first. But this is no big deal since Rachel and Quinn were again there to support each other. At last … Except when they were waging war! Friends and enemies, the continuation of their relationship will be one of the great stakes of 2017. Finally, and because we need one, we mention a character who left us in 2016 and whose death still haunts us. This is of course Wes How to Get Away with Murder . By dint of asking questions at all-going, Annalise’s little protégé found death … in the house of this one! Rise or genuine murder, the sequel of season 3 should teach us more. Moreover, the identity of the potential future father of How to Get Away with Murder will be unveiled in the first winter . Meanwhile, dear Wes, know that we will not forget you. And you, which character has you the most marked this year?
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