Game of Thrones: When Kit Harington imitates Cersei, Daenerys or Hodor, it’s hilarious!

Cinema 12 July, 2017

Before being Jon Snow, Kit Harington auditioned for many roles in Game of Thrones. Cersei, Arya, Hodor, Daenerys, the actor amused himself by imitating each one of them … And we still laugh!

Season 7 of Game of Thrones finally arrives on HBO and OCS simultaneously on July 16th. Our minds are only warmed by this idea! After 6 seasons of endless waiting, winter is finally coming in Game of Thrones! Cersei is on the Iron Throne, determined to keep him, Daenerys is on his way to Westeros, Euron Greyjoy rules the Iron Islands, and Jon Snow was finally crowned King of the North. But before he came to it, poor Kit Harington had auditions! We let you discover the actor imitate the characters of GOT to perfection … Hum.

Internet has gone crazy after the broadcast of this video, and we understand why! Kit Harington made a brief appearance, although noticed, in the American show Jimmy Kimmel Live. The actor was amused to imitate his colleagues in Game of Thrones: Cersei, Arya, Hodor, Daenerys, Ygritte and even the King of the Night. A video that helps us to support the few days that separate us from the season 7 of GOT! Besides, melty has prepared you full of surprises for the return of Game of Thrones! Do not miss our special HBO night. On the program, a full debrief of the episode, lives of madness and full information! Appointments as of Sunday evening. Take part in the Series World Cup, it is still time to elect your favorite show!
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