Garou, sponsor of Telethon 2016: “I do it to receive a life lesson”

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

The 30 th Telethon begins Friday night. This is Garou was chosen to sponsor this anniversary edition. ” A great question ” that the Quebec singer would have missed it under any circumstances because it is’ a gift of self that has no equal . “

garou-telethonAlready sponsor in 2014, Garou comes from this evening and to 30 hours of antenna, Nagui and Sophie Davant. A return to the big family of the Telethon that the singer has just explained to our colleagues from Paris Match.
Recalling memories of the 2012 Telethon sponsored by Franck Dubosc , former The Voice coach says that having seen the comic ” so happy to be there ,” led him to immediately accept the proposal to sponsor when we proposed it in 2014: ” I told myself my turn to be converted.”
Asked about the management of emotions during this television charity marathon, the former companion of the singer Lorie says that these are ” children affected by the disease that it in give strength .” Citing some ” sullen youth who do not have the smile that her sick children can have ,” Garou gives ” the selfish reason ” why he agreed to sponsor the event again: ” It is to receive this life lesson again . ”
Note that it is not however the first to be twice as godfather Pierre Perret, Alain Delon, Gerard Jugnot, Jerry Lewis and Mireille Mathieu have also been chosen twice since the first edition in 1987.
This 30 th edition of the Telethon came after a new increase in donations in 2015 of EUR 93.9 million had been tabulated under the sponsorship of Marc Lavoine. And if Garou says ” do not have the spirit of competition ,” he however wants this anniversary edition is that of the record. Objective: pass the 100 million which has not been achieved since 2008. ” It is in difficult times that can bring a lot of solidarity. I think we can make a very nice year, so yes, we will raise more money than in previous years and beat everyone. “