Gaspard Proust intoxicated: Comedian saved in a fire

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

The comedian and writer were poisoned by smoke.
gaspard-proust-presentation-de-la-collTuesday, November 22, a fire broke out on the first floor of a building of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, rue Gay-Lussac. According to The , comedian Gaspard Proust and the writer Renaud Santa Maria live there. If they have escaped the worst, both artists were intoxicated by the fumes.
Our colleagues write that they were both rescued by firefighters. ” One of them was released by the stairs and made safe by the firefighters. ” He added: ” The comedian, who lives on the 3rd floor ‘was out on an errand’, tells a police source at the time the fire started and is income and ended up in smoke ‘ . As for Renaud Santa Maria, author of woe will be your chance , ‘he wanted to go back to fetch his cat’. ”
Still according to Le Parisien , the fire destroyed the first floor apartment before being overpowered by some thirty Paris fire brigade equipped with ” ten devices .” ” Florence Berhout, the mayor (LR) of the 5th, visited on site. Bus lines 21 and 27 were diverted over an hour, the time of the intervention. ”
Since September 16, the former accomplice of Thierry Ardisson in Hi Earthlings! Is back on stage with a new show. Gaspard Proust plays the Champs Elysees Comedy until 31 December 2016. There is no evidence that he could not play Tuesday because of the fire and its slight poisoning smoke.
In January, 40 years old comedian will tour. March 27, 2016, it will make a special stop at the City of Music, Paris Philharmonic concert I do not like the classic with Gaspard Proust I like . The actor will be accompanied by eight musicians and we present a selection of works ranging from ” Bach to the twentieth century, the Four Seasons in Nutcracker … “