Gaspard Proust narrowly escaped the fire of his building

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

Comedian Gaspard Proust suffering from mild intoxication to smoke after being confronted with the fire of his building, Tuesday, November 22, in the 5th district of the capital.

gaspard-proustHe returned quietly to his races, when he discovered his building on fire. The comedian Gaspard Proust found himself face to face with a fire on Tuesday, November 22 at his home in the 5 th district of Paris. The site tells the accident: ” The comedian, who lives on the third floor, was out on an errand, police said at the time the fire broke out. He came back and ended up in smoke. ”
If he escaped the flames, the former accomplice of Thierry Ardisson in Hi Earthlings! Still suffers from mild intoxication due to smoke . He was quickly taken up by firefighters. The writer Renaud Santa Maria, author of woe will be your chance , lives in the same building. According to the account of the facts, he was rescued by firefighters, but wanted to go back to fetch his cat, and also suffer from contamination from fumes.
Still according to Le Parisien , the fire destroyed the first floor of the building before being overpowered by firefighters from Paris, who still mobilized a dozen vehicles. Gaspard Proust The apartment seems to have been spared by the flames. The comedian is currently playing his new show at the Comedie des Champs Elysées, and will tour from January.