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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


Like many actresses of Hollywood, Gemma Arterton has made the costs of the dictates of perfection. Behind-the-scenes of her films, the actress has been followed in the trace by some producers who wanted to lean.

Reese Witherspoon, Diane Kruger, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, we can’t count the number of speeches from women of influence in Hollywood coming to denounce acts sexist in the film industry – the wage inequality between the sexes, or even the humiliations of which the actresses are often the victims, including out-of-field cameras. This time it is Gemma Arterton, who recounted a bad experience for the Guilty Feminist. The uk has been subject to a diet important. We controlled his diet, as his sessions of sport in the presence of a coach who specially came to her on a shoot in Morocco : “One day, I went to serve with the apricots on the set of a shootand one of the producers, who was obese, told me : ” I hope you’re not going to eat it “ […] I was traumatised , “she explained. During his physical exercises, Gemma was also filmed. “They took my measurements and called the coach to find out if I was good with him […] Then, they joined us and I filmed during my exercises “.

It seems that Gemma Arterton face reference to the film Prince ofPersia : it was already mentioned a very dark atmosphere in his preparation, explaining in 2010 the Daily Mail the will of the producers want to completely change it, to the teeth and hair. Let’s hope that when his next movie, all will be well with his team and that his talents will be recognized at its fair value.

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Gemma Arterton

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