Genevieve de Fontenay would like to meet Miss France 2017, Alicia Aylies

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

The issue Hands off my post was the scene of a curious scene Wednesday in which the new Miss France could suggest that she could not speak to Genevieve de Fontenay. But the latter wants to reassure everyone, there is no problem between them.

The new Miss France in 2017 was yesterday the guest of Hands off my post . The Guyanaise, which faced the most excited plateau of the PAF, was quite reserved in front of all this agitation. So much so that Cyril Hanouna asked if she regretted the presence of Geneviève de Fontenay. But he got no response from Alicia Aylies, remained silent, leaving a beautiful cold on the plateau .
The facilitator then asked her: “It’s nice Genevieve de Fontenay?” Miss France 2017 replied that she did not know, but Baba adds: “Do you regret?” Silence weighing that Jean -Luc Reichmann , invited too, interrupts: “no, but she does not know, poor” Although Hanouna take this opportunity to add a final layer: “Ah yes that’s right, not great but it is Sylvie Tellier , Huh! ”
Difficult to say if Alicia Aylies has a ban on talking about Genevieve de Fontenay or not. The latter has also told the Huffington Post the next day: “There is no problem between the executive director of the Miss France and I are very friendly. Miss France did not necessarily hit the issue, I think. Sylvie told me that she was overwhelmed by events. Imagine, it is trying to crush the reputation of Christiane Taubira in French Guiana! ”
Genevieve de Fontenay, who left the company Miss France in 2010, is clearly not hurt by the silence: “She does not really know me and do not necessarily read articles that turns my congratulations on his victory and My annoyance when I saw the blanched photos of Paris Match. She’s very young you know. She’s drowned. I take his second degree silence. I’ll ask Sylvie to take a picture together, maybe … so she’ll see who I am. “