George and Amal Clooney: The birth of the twins has made them even closer

Entertainment 21 June, 2017

George Clooney fell in love with his twins! The birth of his babies also brought him even closer to his wife, Amal.
Not long ago, George Clooney became a dad! The actor of Emergencies and his wife, Amal, actually welcomed their twins, named Ella and Alexander, on June 6th. Since then, the couple is simply angels! The details of George Clooney’s first Father’s Day were recently revealed to you . The actor is a real hen dad, in love with his children. Brad Pitt’s BFF discovered that there was no love as precious as that of a parent for his children. “George says that the greatest thing he has learned since he became a father is absolute joy and the wonder of unconditional love.Obviously he is loved and continues to love, Many people in his life – with Amal being his greatest love, and his soul mate. But the birth of the twins took him to a whole new level, ” a source told Hollywood Life .
George and Amal Clooney were making a surprising decision for the safety of their twins and are now ready for anything for their babies. “George would give his life in a second to Alexander and Ella, and even now, when he looks at them, he is amazed and on the verge of tears.” George feels this comfort and joy take hold of him every time ” He holds the twins, and he can seriously spend hours watching them sleep. “When George talks about twins, he always has that big, radiant smile, sometimes with sobs in his throat.” , The informant explained. If the actor could not be happier, his children also brought him so close to his wife . ” He and Amal have become even closer since birth and they were crazy before! But now it’s a different dimension. Amal gave George the most precious gift in the world, and for this he will be liable and committed him for the rest of his life . “Concluded the source. George Clooney seems to have found happiness! And you, what do Of these new statements about George Clooney?