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Entertainment 16 December, 2017


Interviewed in the show Headliners on MSNBC, Rande Gerber has unveiled that his best friend George Clooney was, in 2013, made a major gift to 14 of his best friends: $ 1 million in small bills in a black case.

The generosity of George Clooney is legendary. Whether with its neighbours, or for noble causes, the actor, 56-year-old has always been conspicuous by its propensity to put from the hand to the portfolio. His best friend Rande Gerber, the husband of the top Cindy Crawford and father of Kaia Gerber, has testified once again in the american show Headliners on the channel MSNBC.

The business man tells a story previous to the wedding of George Clooney and the lawyer Amal Alamuddin, with whom the actor has had since the twins : September 27, 2013, the actor was invited to his home his 14 best friends, a band he calls ” The Boys “. These have been welcomed by 14 luggage black, installed on each of their chairs. George Clooney then explained : “I want you all to know how much you count for me. When I landed in Los Angeles, I slept on your couches. I’ve been lucky to have you and, without you, I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today. It was really an opportunity for me to make you what you have given me. You can open your bags “

Inside : $ 1 million in $ 20 bills. What enable the less with them to ensure the daily, on the credit of the house to the payment of the tuition fees of their children. The actor also took care of paying the taxes for everyone so that they can fully enjoy the amount. Rande Gerber, not being in need, at first refused the money before you decide to donate to an association.

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