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Entertainment 11 September, 2017


In an interview with Paris Match, George Clooney is back on the first names of her twins, Ella and Alexander. It is estimated that the trend for celebrities to give their children names out of extravagant is “ridiculous.

It’s almost become a universal law. Most of the time, when a couple of celebrities was a child, it receives a name very original, or even downright strange, such as to signify its difference to the rest of the world. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, for example, have named their daughter, who is now 20 years old, Destry. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow called their daughter, who is now 13 years old, Apple. As for Beyoncé and Jay-Z, they have a nice record, with their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, and their twins Sir and Rumi.


When it was learned that George and Amal Clooney were going to become parents of twins, the speculation of the wildest was very good on the names of future babies. Finally, the two stars are agreed on Alexander and Ella. Names considered to be very classic and even quite retro… And that was exactly the goal ! As told the actor to Paris Match, it is not really a fan of first names original. We didn’t want to give them one of these names hollywood ridiculous, who do not want to say anything. It will already be difficult enough for them to carry the weight of their celebrity status… , he explained.


As noted by the site Hollywoodlife, the habit that have the stars to choose first names surprising for their children does not date from yesterday. Remember the offspring of Frank Zappa, today become adults : Dweezil, 48 years old, Moon Unit, 49-year-old Ahmet, 43 years old and Diva, 38 years. We said that our children would be controlled constantly, and see each of their facts and gestures, commented on and judged. We wanted them to have at least a bit of a break vis-à-vis their first names, has again entrusted to George Clooney to Paris Match. So we looked at a normal name. It is not even inspired by great historical figures, nothing to do with Alexander the Great or Ella Fitzgerald… ” A bit of simplicity sometimes, it’s good for you.

George Clooney

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