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Entertainment 10 September, 2017


Dad filled, husband madly in love, George Clooney is back this week in the Hollywood Reporter on the fateful moment where he asked Amal to marry him. The hollywood star revealed that he had been very distressed at the idea that she refuses.

George Clooney is rich, handsome and famous. Better yet, he is intelligent, full of humour invests frequently in humanitarian causes around the world. Elected sexiest man in the world twice by the magazine People (1997 and 2006), the great friend of Matt Damon reveals, however this week have been very distressed at the idea of asking his wife in marriage. A confidence all the more surprising that the father of a family knows well the pressure of the film sets and has even already been trained on the kalashnikov rifle during one of his trips in areas of high tension in Sudan.

Ask Amal Alamuddin in marriage, however, has been much more challenging than it will be for the hero ofUp in the air. He who up here said to anyone who would listen that he would never marry, has finally passed the not the April 28, 2014, in his villa in california. That evening, the actor tells the Hollywood Reporter he prepared everything for a request is ideal. In the background sonnor, the song Why shouldn’t I?, his aunt Rosemary Clooney. As flat? Pasta houses that prepares him-even George Clooney. Amal returned to England, where she works. Around a cup of champagne, after the meal, I told him that there was a lighter in the drawer to light the candles, “he remembers. She reached up and pulled out a ring.

If he thought that the roller coaster emotional would grind to a halt, the actor has got it all wrong. For twenty minutes, it keeps the knees to the ground, waiting for Amal finally finds the strength to answer him. Open-mouthed at the ring glittering between her fingers, the future mother of a family does that to blurt out a series of ” My God! “. After long moments, she finally lifts her eyes to George Clooney and says,” yes! “. “A coup, a testament to the actor, the life of the other person becomes more important than your. We instantly felt happy and it hasn’t stopped since.” Five months after this evening’s incredible, the couple is finally married in front of about a hundred close to Venis, Italy. George Clooney is assured, never again he will have to relive the anguish such.

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