George Michael, a victim of his addiction to antidepressants and Coca-Cola?

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Nearly a month later, we still do not know what killed George Michael. An ex of the singer has raised a new hypothesis: his addiction to antidepressants and Coca-Cola.
Addiction mortal? It is still unclear what George Michael is dead . While a second autopsy is under way, a former lover of the singer has raised a new hypothesis.
Artur Carlos Ortiz met George Michael in Australia, in 2013. Upset by his death, he told the Mirror. According to him, the singer was addicted to antidepressants and Coca Cola. “He said he was addicted to antidepressants and was trying to get rid of, and m ‘confided that he was not happy ,” said the former lover of George Michael. The singer also told him about his addiction to Coca-Cola.
Would George Michael have been killed by his excessive use of antidepressants and Coca-Cola? Only the results of the second autopsy can tell. The first had not been conclusive , unleashing theories. Heroin addiction, drug overdose, suicide … Many hypotheses have been raised. None have been confirmed yet.
Grey areas remain about the circumstances of his death . George Michael was thought of alone before his death. The first elements of the investigation, revealed by the Dailymail, indicate otherwise. It seems that he had been visited by a dozen people the days before his death, and that he was considering giving a reception at his house for Christmas. The mystery remains entire.