George Michael, his former Kenny Goss upset: “My heart is broken by his death”

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

Their couple lasted fifteen years …
During his life, three men have really counted for George Michael : the designer Anselmo Feleppa, died of AIDS in 1993, he dedicated his song Jesus to a Child in 1996; Fadi Fawaz, The singer attended since 2009 and was found dead Sunday , the singer attended since 2009 and was found dead Sunday morning, December 25, 2016; As well as Kenny Goss. The latter remained close to fifteen years to the side of the singer, whose death obviously upset him …
Between 1996 and 2009, George Michael and Kenneth – said Kenny – Goss were together. After their separation, they stayed near one time. The English press even asserts that the 53-year-old singer had recently resumed contact with the art dealer. One thing is certain, Kenny feels an immense sadness since the death of his old companion, which he expressed in a very short statement then to the channel E! News: ” I am heartbroken to learn that my dear friend and the man who was my lover, George Michael, died There has long been part of my life and I loved him very much He was extremely kind and.. ‘generosity. the wonderful memories I have of him as his music will remain a fundamental part of my life and that of those who loved and admired him. ”
Very discreet about his private life – even his resounding coming out was not of his making – George Michael waited two and a half years to tell his fans his break with Kenny Goss. It was in Prague to launch his tour Symphonica Tour , the last in August 2011. On stage, the singer, who already attended Fadi Fawaz, explained that if his demons were widely reported by the press, Kenny had his own Fighting, especially against alcohol, since the death of his parents.
Just a few hours, Fadi Fawaz broke, too, the silence in a simple tweet: ” . It is a Christmas I will not forget to find your partner died peacefully in bed in the morning … You’ll always miss . “the sad thing is that the official statement does not in any case to the existence of man who shared the life of George Michael for seven years:” it is with great sadness that we confirm that our son brother and beloved friend passed away peacefully at home for Christmas. his family asked that his privacy be respected during this difficult time. There will be no further comment at this time. “