George Michael: Soon three posthumous albums?

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

A perfectionist musician, George Michael would have spent years working on new tracks. According to the British press, three unpublished albums would, in fact, rest in the personal archives of the singer.

From 1991 to 1993, George Michael had the idea with his cousin Andros to create an album written and produced by the star himself. Were to appear at his side, renowned artists including Elton John . The latter who joined on stage at Wembley, March 23, 1991 , George Michael to interpret the legendary Do not let the sun go down on me at the last concert of the tour to the star.
But this album called The Trojan Souls , very focused RnB never released, although George Michael has done a remarkable job and hard to write texts and recording tracks in the studio. The reason ? The personal events of the life of the singer. He loses his companion of AIDS , the Brazilian designer Anselmo Felappa then faces a sensational trial against Sony. Facts that are right about him; the artist is unable to continue the work and the musical project is simply abandoned.
The song Is not no stopping us now should be the first single from this album; The same should be included This kind of love, piece has shared yesterday on Twitter, the companion of the late star, Fadi Fawaz . The evocative song lyrics evoking absence: ” This empty house seems increasingly cold. So do not stay here with me? ”
From the outset following the publication of this message, the fans of the singer have lent their support to Fadi Fawaz. Some asked that the song be the subject of a production proper : ” The unfinished album Souls Trojan, how this gift would be for us fans! A remarkable music created by such a great artist “wrote a grieving fan.
But as reported by the Daily Mail the artist left the equivalent of three albums, as many titles which currently may not be ” liberated ” . Now the question is what decisions will take the heirs of the star about his hidden works like the album Listen Without Prejudice Vol 2. An album that to believe the fans would probably have been more ” dance ” the first volume came out in 1990 three years after the cult album Faith ,
Apparently very risen against Sony, at the time, George Michael had the idea to show the company that he could dispose of his creations freely generously offering these pieces to the compilation Red Hot + Dance, for the fight against AIDS. Fourth title, Crazyman Dance found himself in front of the B single Too Funky. So many nuggets to gather on a single album?