George Michael: The first historic Karaoke Carpool with James Corden to review

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

Long before we left, George Michael took part in the first sketch that later became the Carpool Karaoke by James Corden! It is to review.

Since September, James Corden landed on our channel for daily rhythm episodes of Late Late Show (each to J + 1 broadcast US)! If the presenter does not lack ideas to create sketches in the company of his guests, the most famous segment of the television show is undoubtedly the Karaoke Carpool. Adele, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Sia, Lady Gaga, Madonna recently or as Bruno Mars took over all his hits … It’s become a ritual for celebrities getting into the car alongside James Corden ! But before becoming what it is today, the Carpool Karaoke was originally filmed a skit for the charity Comic Relief with Prime guest history : George Michael which we sadly learned of the death yesterday . To pay tribute, we propose you to review the debut of Carpool Karaoke here!

Far from the current format, this ersatz of the Carpool Karaoke unites despite all the ingredients that made its success: in car, James Corden and George Michael make jokes and tell anecdotes while taking again one of the tubes of Wham! : “I’m Your Man” . A good moment that the presenter will probably never forget! James Corden paid tribute to the deceased singer via his Twitter account (above). For all fans of George Michael, MCM will pay tribute tomorrow morning to the artist by broadcasting his biggest hits from 7am to 9:20 am and then you can find him in a special TOP STAR in the evening from 9pm to 12am. Do not miss !