Georgio at the top, Mac Miller makes the taf, Kungs a disappointing hair … Recap of our first day at Solidays 2017

Entertainment 24 June, 2017

Discover now the summary of our first day at Solidays 2017, including Georgio, Kungs and Mac Miller on the program.
As every year for 19 years now, the Solidays Festival has moved to the Longchamps racecourse in Paris to raise awareness of the fight against AIDS. For three days under the sign of solidarity, there are some of the biggest stars on the planet: MacMiller, The Prodigy, Diplo … And while a few days ago, you were given 3 good reasons to Go to the Solidays 2017 festival without asking you questions, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived: yesterday, around 5 pm, the gates opened, in order to let the hundreds of people who were already queuing.
After having mastered a first concert (that of the rapper / writer Gaël Faye), to warm up a little, we returned to the scene of the Dome to attend the first big meeting of the evening: Georgio. And we were not disappointed: full of energy, accompanied by musicians on stage, Nekfeu’s friend (who recently validated Highlander of S.Pri Noir) has put us well. We feel that the guy has toured all over France, and that he already has some experience of the scene, despite his young age (23 years). Unfortunately, we had to squeeze in the middle of the concert to go and interview Kungs , which you will soon find in one of our already famous tac t on Melty Discover Snapchat. An evil for a good you will tell us …
After a short pause in which we took to recover our strength, we went back to the scene of the Dome, this time to attend the concert of Mac Miller. And there is no need to say, the boyfriend of Ariana Grande (who was honored by Manchester in the most beautiful way) did the right taf: interactions with the public, lights games … But again, After having filmed some images that you can find on the snapchat of melty, it was necessary that one disappeared in the middle of the concert, to spin to see that of Kungs, which was unfolding at the same time. A choice that we have a little regretted: with its mixes without great originality, we were a disappointment. Perhaps he must take some experience, he who is only 20 years old … Despite everything, The crowd seemed conquered, and this is the principal. On this, we find ourselves tomorrow for the summary of our second day at Solidays 2017. And above all, do not forget: protect yourself! And you, what did you think of this first day at Solidays 2017?