Gerard Depardieu and his son: “Rabies William was dark and desperate”

Entertainment 14 November, 2016

The actor was speaking at the “Journal du Dimanche”.
Gerard Depardieu has been back to the movies. In his new film, Tour de France (directed by Rachid Djaidani, from November 16 in theaters and in competition at La Baule ), the actor embodies an old reactionary forced to hit the road with a young rapper from the suburbs, played by Sadek singer. It reminds him of his son, the late Guillaume Depardieu …
The meeting, also atypical unexpected, wowed the monster of French cinema, as he explained today in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche . ” What touched me was that two men, very different in their origins and ideas, can agree if they take the time to know (…) It is a political movie. It offers hope for understanding and an end to hatred , “he explains. This has also affected, it is the unique link that will create the two characters. ” It’s a journey that warms the heart, the story of a father who thinks he lost his son and another boy weaves ties as strong as blood .”
I’m a bit like Johnny Hallyday
Amazed by his performance, the actor of 67 years says his 25-year partner has much reminded his son, William, who died in 2008 at the age of 37 . ” The rage of Sadek really made me think of William. Even though his was more dark and desperate, like a Rimbaud or Artaud. He had a great violence, madness too, as men ahead of their time, which fall into alcohol and drugs because they do not recognize their talent , “he says.
Asked about his relationship to fame and popularity, Gérard Depardieu admits to being delighted to still be an idol in the eyes of young and old. ” I’m a bit like Johnny Hallyday .. We began our career so early that crosses generations You can not see who is who, it is only in emotions But fame does not interest me, I . away from it all I do not care what people think of me, I am what I am: take it or leave it! “