Get ready, these 5 tricks should arrive in 2017 according to these movies

Cinema 2 January, 2017

You can already see what 2017 will be through a few anticipatory films …

October 21, 2015: all fans of the saga “Back to the Future” had noticed that date on their agenda because it stuck to the day when Marty and Doc disembark the past. With an outstanding issue: did they would discover the same turfu than “RVLF2”? Well, for once, was not bad enough relevant predictions from Robert Zemeckis (VR goggles, Nike autolacantes, video-conference …). But as for 2017, it tells what the crystal ball of the 7th art? Answer in some films of SF.
Arnold Schwarzenegger will do a fairly cool reality TV show
Released in 1987 the movie “Running Man” depicts a futuristic world where crowd control is done primarily via the displays and entertainment. Including through a new issue of reality TV ( “The Running Man”) in which prisoners are released in a hostile universe with a bunch of hit men started on their trail . A kind of Hunger Games antique in which the poor Arnold Schwarzenegger is found embedded in spite of himself (a former cop has done time because he disobeyed orders asking him to pull a crowd of demonstrators) . Oh yes, this film very freely inspired by the homonymous novel of Stephen King, happens in 2017. We can not wait to see all this on a DTT or cable.
The 2017 Super Bowl will be the last in history
And this is the sci-fi “Oblivion” who says it. Here, the plot takes place in 2077: the Earth was ravaged after a war of several years between humans and aliens. To survive, mankind has taken refuge on the moon Titan, however, continuing to draw resources on Earth . Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is one of the agents who watch over these resources, notably by repairing surveillance drones. At one point in the film, one of the damaged drone is found in the middle of a completely destroyed football stadium, which still is the inscription “World Champions 2017” . This suggests that the alien invasion occurred that year. Barricade yourself at home.
The Harry Potter kid will be back in Pouldard
So, it should happen at the beginning of September. If your recall, at the end of the last film of the series ( “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” ), it happens an ellipse of 19 years before we will find Harry and his crew , Become adults and parents. An ellipse that corresponds to the 19 years following the death of Voldemort, which as everyone knows, has clamsé May 2, 1998 . So it’s fine in 2017 when Harry and Ginny’s little boy, but also the offspring of Hermione and Ron, meet up on platform 9 3/4 for their first return to Hogwarts. We wish them the same success as their darons.
Harry Potter hermione
Yes, the prediction is as phony as the film career of Adam Sandler, whose movie “Click: Télécommandez your life” is not just another unfortunate episode. In this comedy of 2006, he finds himself with a remote control that can control almost everything and anything (and especially anyone, it can for example put his dog on “mute” ). But the remote control can also travel back in time, as when she sent Adam Sandler in 2017 . And it is a radio flash info that will show us the good news about Britney Spears: “February 5, 2017. Britney Spears had her 23rd child now proud of him, dad Kevin Federline said they could now consider that he had a job ” . A vanne today a little dated on the supposed idleness of the former boyfriend of the singer, which everyone wondered at the time what it served. A bit like Adam Sandler.
Pamela Anderson to save the United States
Even though she has far greater ambitions today with animal protection around the world, Pamela Anderson will first hang out to bring peace to the US this year. It was at least told that the film “Barb Wire” , which as you foresee, is a true nanar. Basically, the project is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name, whose plot takes place in 2017 just after the 2nd American Civil War which saw the Congress seize power and repress any opposition in violence. Barb Wire is the patron of a bar located in Steel Harbor – the last free territory of the country – that will help a scientist sought to flee the cops . A whole program.