Ghost in the Shell: Mind hacking in the heart of the plot, what is it?

Cinema 21 March, 2017

In Ghost in the Shell, the hacking Mind will be at the heart of the plot. But then what is technique? Melty brings you an answer!
March 29th will be released on our screens Ghost in the Shell , a science fiction film set in a cyberpunk Japan. And science-fiction says “push technology” that will allow characters to push the limits possible and known by humans. One of them concerns neither more nor less than the human brain and its link with the robotics since it is possible to pirate it in Ghost in the Shell through the Mind Hacking . A practice that will be at the center of the plot between Major (Scarlett Johansson) and The Marionette, mysterious cyber-terrorist. In Ghost in the Shell, who unveiled new animated posters of his characters ,
In Ghost in the Shell , the “Ghost” refers directly to the human soul and “Shell” to the empty shell that can accommodate the latter. Thus, it is possible through the Mind Hacking to hack a Ghost and implant him memories, new personalities, to make his puppet what. In other words, the threat of such an attack is rather serious in an ultra-connected cyberpunk world unfolding in … 2029. Not far from us what ! But despite all the technology-related themes developed in Ghost in the Shell, Scarlett Johansson presented the Major in an unprecedented featurette , spirituality and the place of soul and soul
In Ghost in the Shell , the entities are malleable and can therefore be modified via Mind Hacking . It is not for nothing that the cyber-terrorist of the film is called “The Puppeteer” … we let you guess why! Between government plots, terrorism, global conflicts and other manipulations of being, we are promised that Ghost in the Shell may be rather strong in sensations and reflections. Rendez-vous with the cinema on Wednesday 29 March .