Gigi Hadid asked in marriage by Zayn, her answer is unexpected!

Entertainment 24 December, 2016

Very in love with Gigi Hadid, Zayn did not hesitate to ask her in marriage. But faced with this surprise proposal, the young woman had an unexpected answer!
Gigi Hadid who recently unveiled completely naked for a new fashion campaign , is the model of the year. Sublime, the It Girl has made a place of choice in the world of fashion. This is evidenced by his many collaborations with prestigious magazines. And even if the young woman of 21 years received some criticisms in passing, it did not let itself be dismantled nevertheless. The proof, she could boast of having ignited the podium during the fashion show Victoria’s Secret , which took place on December 5 in Paris . With his little sister Bella Hadid , they also became the first frangines to tread the catwalk together. But if all goes well on the professional side, it’s even better in his sentimental life. Because, Gigi Hadid is in a relationship with the singer Zayn , former member of the band One Direction . Very happy, the young man made his request to the pretty blonde. Unfortunately for him, things did not go as planned …
It is the site Life & Style that the information relates. According to US tabloid, Zayn who recently confided to her collab with Taylor Swift , decided to ask one knee. Together since the beginning of 2016, the two celebrities never hesitate to show their love. Nevertheless, it seems that this surprise marriage proposal was a bit too rushed for Gigi Hadid who then refused . “She’s only 21 and she does not feel ready to commit for life, so she said no,” says a source at the magazine. A refusal that can be explained by what she experienced throughout her youth. Because in reality, the It Girl just does not want to go through the same experiences as her mother, Yolanda Hadid : “She saw her mother live two divorces so complicated Gigi wants to be 100% sure that Zayn is the Man of his life before definitely saying yes. ” A legitimate and totally logical reaction on the part of the star. Hopefully when this little “no” is not an obstacle to their relationship. Surprised by the response of Gigi Hadid?