Gigi Hadid in Paris with Zayn, his adorable declaration of love

Entertainment 28 February, 2017

While Gigi Hadid is in Paris for Fashion Week with her boyfriend Zayn, she took the opportunity to make a lovely declaration of love!
Recently, Bella and Gigi Hadid have had fun at Disneyland Paris . Yes, the two sisters have landed in the French capital and they had fun during a trip to the amusement park. A good way to forget their worries. But if the two frangines are currently in the City of Light , it is also to work. After New York and Milan , it is here that the two It Girls will parade for the greatest creators. But during this little Parisian trip, Gigi Hadid is not alone! In addition to being with her little sister, the pretty blonde also spends time with her boyfriend, singer Zayn .
And it was via Instagram Stories that Gigi Hadid unveiled his feelings for Zayn . The top model then published a photo of his boyfriend who pulls his tongue while one notices that he wears the gloves of Mickey Mouse . A little clue that quickly scared the fans. For good reason, this post has only confirmed for many internet users the presence of the interpreter of “PILLOWTALK” in Paris . Anyway, the pretty blonde is obviously very addicted to the English singer because Gigi Hadid did not fail to add the inscription: “The love of my life” , written in bulk on the cliché. Adorable! In other words, the two lovebirds are crazy about each other. So much so that they never leave each other. For proof, Gigi Hadid and Zayn are now launching a new business and it is surprising. And you, are you fans of this couple?