Gilles Bouleau: who is the wife of pro of info?

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

The journalist anime, November 24, on TF, 1 the primary debate, holds firmly to keep his private life … private.

gilles-bouleau-20hIt is not the kind to ask family. Only that he is known competent, professional, fraternal, he was passionate about the economy, the societal culture. Special Envoy in London between 2001 and 2005 and Washington (2005 to 2012), Gilles Bouleau saw himself finishing his career overseas. Catherine Nayl, director of Information TF1, has decided otherwise.
Arrived discreetly at the presentation of 20h in July 2012 after having replaced a few weeks Harry Roselmack the wildcard position, he managed a significant achievement: rebooster and keep declining audiences from that which preceded it, Laurence Ferrari . Without trumpeting, it’s not kind . The applicant admitted in the columns Gala in May 2015: ” Nothing is ever installed. We must constantly surprise yourself and surprise the viewers. ”
Every morning he wakes up – early! From 6:30 am to 7 am – the sound of the morning on different radios – ” I have my rituals! ” Is he fun. On the tablet, he reviews the eve of US News, available online. Then he flips the national dailies, Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro and International, Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian …
Arriving in his office on the second floor of the TF1 tower, where the turning loop info channels, French and foreign, he completed his press review with the Team, the Echos. Evening . Before bed, he still flips through the trade press – ” Even in female magazines, we find subjects ideas to tackle, strong evidence ” – and refreshes one last time its news wire.
His wife, Elizabeth, graduated from the School of Journalism of Lille See also, can not complain. Never fuller information, “diehard enthusiast” as defined yet Harry Roselmack, Gilles Bouleau concedes: ” It’s hard to win. Even on weekends, I stand very familiar. To decompress, I run . ” Two, three times a week on lunch. And minimum two marathons a year. Last March, Gilles ran the 80 kilometers of Paris in 11:33. A feat.
Two daughters (23 and 19 years, which he does not wish to reveal the names – discreetly, always), have not chosen to take over from their parents . “E girls have other passions, an intellectual interest in other subjects. My youngest will never see me on TV. But when I asked him to look at a story that might interest him, she always agrees. Part of what my girls is linked to the exercise of my profession: they grew up elsewhere, learned other languages, they had a British life, American life. They are young adults totally different from what their parents at the same age and it’s a chance! “. In short, Gilles Bouleau is quite extraordinary …