Gilles Lellouche posts a ridiculous cliche of “Guitou” Guillaume Canet

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

Gilles Lellouche joins the war of compromising posts that oppose Guillaume Canet to Marion Cotillard by publishing a ridiculous photo of Guillaume, long hair wet, goatee and surf under the arm. Happy Birthday Guillaume!
Marion has found an ally . It is Saint-Guillaume today in France, perfect day to stand out old shameful records. Gilles Lellouche, Guillaume Canet’s friend, rallied to the Cotillard clan by posting a photo of his companion in a shirt wearing a surfboard under his arm on his Instagram account.
” For St. William (everyone in the intimacy calls GUITOU), a small doss, like that, in passing !!! hahhahaha like the behold thy #RockNRollChallenge !!!!! ” . Gilles Lellouche gently pokes fun posture” têtu1974 ” Guillaume Canet, her look” pretty boy “who reminds him # patrickswayze . To drive the point home, it also reveals her pretty little nickname, “Guitou” . The person immediately retaliated by publishing almost the same photo of Gilles Lellouche, at the same location, the look ” ember “.
How far will the challenge go? Guillaume Canet opened hostilities on January 4 by posting a photo of Marion Cotillard sleeping mouth open in the TGV . Since they fight by interposed images on their Instagram account. The couple undoubtedly launched a new fashion, Guillaume published a montage showing his subscribers launch the same challenge.