Gilmore Girls: 3 reasons to binge watcher Netflix series!

Cinema 25 November, 2016

While the Revival of Gilmore Girls is finally available on Netflix, discover three reasons for binge watcher absolutely that memorable series!

gilmore-girls-retour-lorelei-rory-comebackWhere you lead, I will follow anywhere That You tell me to! This sentence may have told you nothing but is absolutely worship for those who grew up with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. And many are s’ be left enchanted by a generous series as bright as the early 2000s . It must be said that Gilmore had serious advantages to make us succumb and even today, hard not to scream with joy enjoying the episodes already seen hundreds of times. If the end of the series had left many orphans fans, Netflix has allowed the show Amy Sherman-Palladino back to four special episodes. The opportunity to delight the fans of Stars Hollow, but also allow viewers who missed the Gilmore madness to revel seven seasons as wonderful as each other. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that four episodes of Gilmore Girls revival were finally available on Netflix , discover three reasons for binge wather Gilmore Girls without waiting a single minute.
Atypical characters!
Gilmore Girls is primarily the story of a mother and daughter who love each other more than anything. Indeed, Lorelai had Rory when she was sixteen and the link that exists between them is as touching as disarming. After fleeing parents they deemed too severe, Lorelai took refuge in a small populated town of atypical and eccentric characters. And it is indeed that the strength of the series. No, pure action and lasts is often not at the rendezvous but what fun to feel a full member of this charming community and hopeful. Each character brings his touch and offers a good dose incredible mood. We also like the dynamic that moved slowly between Lorelai in Stars Hollow life and that she once left to Hartford. The collision of the two worlds is still explosive. We laugh, we cry, you feel lost or simply overjoyed, Gilmore Girls has a way of her own to make us go through all the emotional palette. In short, you like the series that depict authentic and terribly endearing? Look no further, you’ve found your Grail!
Absolutely essential replicas
In Gilmore Girls, this is the speech that premium. Notice to persons uncommunicative, Lorelai should revolutionize how you see things. Always full of creativity and imagination, mother of Rory has no language in his pocket and was responsible replicas as quickly charged that become cult . This is perhaps the show’s trademark which, when it was still broadcast on the WB, had an incredible number of script pages per episode. A feature that is not surprising when one discovers Gilmore in action. But they are not alone in offering us the best replicas and we still remember the famous words of Logan to convince Rory to jump from a platform where his safety was far from assured: “People can live hundred years and never live a single minute to bottom. you jump with me and it will be at least one minute that you have really lived fully. ” is not he adorable? In short, it is quite possible that you find you as THE answer that you can not prevent you from placing in every conversation. Gilmore is the effect!
The art of life
Gilmore Girls is also a way of life where love and good food are enough to spend a downright dodgy day a fantastic day. We live in Stars Hollow, we breathe Stars Hollow and we want to be Stars Hollow because everything seems more beautiful, pink and so funny . Between the shopping, the Luke’s Diner, Taylor’s candy store or the movies directed by Kirk, nothing will make you feel like that you settle there to hear the residents yelled for muscular assemblies. Especially, Gilmore Girls makes us want to give a chance to our neighbor and to find this heavenly place where we can consider our neighbors as a true family. Joy, sorrow, sadness, success, everyone is invested in the lives of everyone and it is great to see the point of wanting to adopt Stars Hollow philosophy to our own existence. It says to you, Gilmore Girls is the best remedy against the winter cold, so do not waste a minute. You see, it’s even better than vitamin C! Meanwhile your opinion, be aware that Scott Patterson told about the relationship of Luke and Lorelai in the Revival of Gilmore Girls. Will you give a chance to Gilmore Girls?