Gilmore Girls: a new year, a return in triumph

19651310 years after the end of the adventures of Lorelei and Rory, the Gilmore Girls series conducted November 25 a highly anticipated return of fans with a new season 4 episodes, entitled A new year. So happy ?

Please note, it is highly recommended to watch the new season of Gilmore Girls before continue reading this article, under penalty of exposing themselves to dangerous spoilers.

You will take back a bit of Gilmore Girls ? Obviously yes! Indeed, a decade was not enough to lessen the interest of many fans of the series for the tribulations of one of the most remarkable families of America.

Divided by only 4 episodes (winter, spring, summer, autumn), the final season of girls Gilmore still promises a good session of binge-watching , accompanied by a mug of coffee and some goodies, of course:

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